Health & Fitness with Friends was founded by Nep Thach in July 2015. He loves being in the outdoors and indoors in the search to keep active and healthy. What I found is that there is no community to help people connect with other health and fitness people to go out as a group and participate in activities. Share interests such as cooking recipes, learning new hobbies and keeping active.

What’s Good About Health and Fitness With Friends?

Let’s say you always wanted to lose a few kilograms, look right for your wedding, turning heads on the beach or just to look and feel great about yourself. Your friends are busy. Where do you start? You can post adverts on Gumtree to find a fitness buddy or download an app from which is specially tailored for one on one fitness partner.

Health and Fitness with Friends concept work to put people with similar fitness goals as yourself to meet as a friend or a group to help each other stay motivated to reach your goals. You can extend your fitness circles and create new friends for life.

Help Spread The Word About This Community

Support this awesome community and start getting everyone together. Talk about this with your colleagues, friends and families who are looking to be active and need the motivation to reach their fitness goals.

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